Most witches use anointing and dressing oils on occasion. Even me. After queries, I’m offering my own blends to everyone else. You can anoint yourself with them, dress a candle, heat them in an oil warmer…whatever method your spell requires. Since light can cause oils to go bad faster, they come in amber glass containers: either a one-ounce bottle ($9.00) or a two-dram vial ($2.50). Shipping is US only. International folks, please email me for postal rates to your country.

As with everything I make, they are blended with care and safe for use on skin. If you are allergic to anything, please ask me first. Better safe than sorry!


CalmUse this oil when your world has gone to hell in a handbasket and you need to get back on an even keel. It’s also quite helpful to diffuse the energy in a room after an argument.

Calm Oil


MemoryAs someone who has “senior moments”, I’ve found this oil invaluable. My usual method is to dab a drop on a piece of paper where I’ve written what’s critical, then burn the paper. But that’s just me – use it however you see fit.

Memory Oil

MoneyThis oil won’t allow you to win the lottery (I would already have…). What it will do is perhaps induce someone to repay a loan, get you that overdue rise in pay, or make a monthly bill smaller than expected.

Money Oil



PurificationBad vibes go away! I also use this when a stranger (like a repairman) has been in my house. I never know what sort of ick they’re bringing with them.

Purification Oil



SuccessAlthough most people equate “success” with “money”, it can mean so much more. Graduating from university, completing a project…the uses are endless.

Success Oil

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