A Green Witch’s Formulary

In older times, the female head of household was responsible for the health of the household. Doctors or healing priests were usually too far away to consult except in extreme circumstances. In addition to directing the planting & maintenance of the garden, she had an herb room (later, a stillroom) where she dried the harvest and made the necessary medicaments from herbs. Of necessity, she would compile herbal recipes and other practical information used to treat the illnesses and injuries of both family and retainers. This information would come from a variety of sources: her mother & other relatives, neighbors and travelers. Following the tradition of her forebears, Ms. Martin has compiled helpful information on over thirty common health complaints and fifteen magical situations. As her ancestors would have recorded, she includes information on growing your own herbs and how to make herbal preparations.

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A Green Witch’s Formulary is available in e-book format on Kindle and Nook.

If you want hard copy, A Green Witch’s Formulary (Balboa Press ISBN 978-1-45253-709-2) is available through various online retailers, or ask for it at your local bookseller.  You can also purchase an autographed copy directly from me by clicking on the Add-To-Cart button below.

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What Others Have Said About A Green Witch’s Formulary

Martin’s “A Green Witch’s Formulary” is an excellent resource for anyone using herbs. It is not just for religious/spiritual use but anyone wanting to use herbs for culinary purposes, aromatherapy, homeopathy, home remedies, or naturopathic uses. Divided into sections for magical use and medicinal use, the conditions or circumstances and their appropriate herbs is a wonderful reference if it stood alone as such. However, Martin goes above and beyond and gives a brief history of herbs, medicinal dosages, a variety of ways to use herbs, leaves room at the end of the pages for note-taking, discusses how to grow your own herbs, lists the common and scientific names of herbs, and discusses the properties of herbs for growing!

It all sounds like a lot, but it is easy to see that Martin has a fond kinship with herbs and wants to help others develop the same. She describes things in such a way that not only does it leave readers eager to start working with herbs, but also instills in them the confidence to do so!

Along with her title “Herbs: Medicinal, Magical, Marvelous!” a practitioner of either magical or medicinal arts will always have invaluable resources close at hand!

~ Deanna Anderson, author of Magick for the Kitchen Witch and Magick for the Elemental Witch

Deborah J Martin’s ‘A Green Witches Formulary’ is a treasure trove of herbal information. A worthy follow up to her ‘Herbs: Medicinal, Magical, Marvelous!’

In this follow up book, Deborah J Martin explains the use of herbs for treating over 30 common medical conditions, she also gives possible herbal combinations for use in around 15 Magical workings. In additon Deborah gives advice on growing your own herbs, preparing herbs, a cheat sheet relating the common names of herbs to their Latin names, the Therapeutic actions of herbs and a table of measurements and equivalents. Deborah delivers all this information with humour and authority, this is no dry book listing herbs and their uses but a practical book of wisdom gained by Deborah over years of working with herbs, her practical wisdom shines through every word.

‘ A Green Witches Formulary’ is, in my opinion, a tour de force of herbal wisdom, this is a book you will return to again and again. Very Highly Recommended, buy it.

~ Droghon, Traditional Witch

Well, I have received my copy of A Green Witch’s Formulary!!! It is fantastic!!! I have spent the last two hours skipping around it, tried to read it cover to cover, but couldn’t control myself. It is FULL of wonderful information! You can feel or sense DJ’s personality throughout the book, which I love. It’s not stuffy or completely academic. It is written on a very personal level as if she is having a conversation with you. I especially love that she uses personal experiences in some of the book. The information is extremely useful for everyday issues and well written. The Herbal Cheat Sheet is a gift that will keep on giving as is the preparation guide! The added bonus after all ailments listed is a notes page, so that you can record your own results or findings. It is truly an amendment to any herbal Grimoire.

VERY WELL DONE, this book will never be far from me!!!

~Brigid, Traditional Witch