Custom-Blended Incenses & Oils

Want something that is uniquely you? 

I “play” by blending incenses and oils to order. Right now I only do loose incense, or something you’ll need to burn on a charcoal disk. (I’m working on cones & sticks.) Oils, unless otherwise specified, will be blended in a base oil and are safe enough to use as a personal perfume.

If you’re interested, please email me. I’ll ask you some questions to determine what I think will be a good mix for you and your purpose. Once I figure out what the ingredients will be & you tell me how much you want, I can come up with a price.

Please bear in mind that incenses take a while to “marry”. Therefore, they’re not something I can package up & pop right in the post. Depending on what it is, two weeks to a month is my lead time.

I do occasionally have Kyphi (modified Edfu recipe) available. Check my Facebook page or Twitter feed – that’s where I’ll announce it.

After I made up a custom incense for a dear friend, she said this on Facebook:

This must be said. Deborah Martin makes the best incense on the planet

feeling blissful.