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Ogre’s Assistant Series



Ogres, vampires, dwarves, witches, wizards. Just a normal day for this human administrative assistant.

My boss is a malodorous, temper-tantrum-throwing ogre who wears Armani suits. Like most ogres, he’s not the most logical of thinkers, which is where I come in. I keep his business running smoothly while he schmoozes with high-profile people, some of whom are paranormals. Like one of his best friends, an agent to the stars who happens to be a centuries-old vampire.

I’m pretty good at maintaining an even keel, until I fall for a handsome man who isn’t what he seems. At the same time, a young vampire declares his love. Then there’s the demon who threatens to blackmail me. Life has become a disaster.

Even my BFF, who’s a witch, is at a loss. What’s a poor human to do?

Signed paperback copies available directly from me at $5.99 plus shipping.

If you prefer electronic books, it’s available across all Amazon Kindle platforms (here’s US and UK links).


Upheaval Small

As a Virgo, I like routine and order. Finding out I’m not fully human? That’s disruptive.

Juggling being an administrative assistant to a smelly, temper-tantrum-throwing ogre with a secret life writing paranormal romance novels and squeezing in my out-of-town werewolf boyfriend can be demanding, but I manage to keep my red-headed temper in check – most of the time.

My predictable life suddenly becomes chaotic when my magical powers manifest at the same time as my boss is kidnapped. As a strong Earth witch, my temper can cause disastrous things to happen. Can I adapt to the changes in my life (including finding out my cat isn’t simply a pet) and get the boss back without killing myself or anyone else in the process?

Signed paperback copies available directly from me at $5.99 plus shipping

or available across all Kindle platforms (US is here, UK is here).