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Ogre’s Assistant Series

Book One

Ogres, vampires, dwarves, witches, wizards. Just a normal day for this human administrative assistant.

My boss is a malodorous, temper-tantrum-throwing ogre who wears Armani suits. Like most ogres, he’s not the most logical of thinkers, which is where I come in. I keep his business running smoothly while he schmoozes with high-profile people, some of whom are paranormals. Like one of his best friends, an agent to the stars who happens to be a centuries-old vampire.

I’m pretty good at maintaining an even keel, until I fall for a handsome man who isn’t what he seems. At the same time, a young vampire declares his love. Then there’s the demon who threatens to blackmail me. Life has become a disaster.

Even my BFF, who’s a witch, is at a loss. What’s a poor human to do?

If you prefer electronic books, it’s available across all Amazon Kindle platforms (here’s US and UK links), and free through Kindle Unlimited. Signed paperback copies are available directly from me at $9.99 plus shipping.


Book Two

As a Virgo, I like routine and order. Finding out I’m not fully human? That’s disruptive.

Juggling being an administrative assistant to a smelly, temper-tantrum-throwing ogre with a secret life writing paranormal romance novels and squeezing in my out-of-town werewolf boyfriend can be demanding, but I manage to keep my red-headed temper in check – most of the time.

My predictable life suddenly becomes chaotic when my magical powers manifest at the same time as my boss is kidnapped. As a strong Earth witch, my temper can cause disastrous things to happen. Can I adapt to the changes in my life (including finding out my cat isn’t simply a pet) and get the boss back without killing myself or anyone else in the process?

E-books available through Amazon. Signed paperback copies available directly from me at $7.99 plus shipping



Book Three

My magical abilities manifested relatively late in life and take some getting used to. And I don’t quite understand where they fit into my very organized life.

I work for a smelly, somewhat naive ogre, who tends to get himself into a lot of trouble. This time, he suddenly disappears while visiting New Orleans. No one knows how, where, or why.

With my familiar, a cat named Fudge; and a friend and magical mentor, Gregory, I delve deeper into the paranormal world than I ever wanted to find my boss. It’s not all unicorns and sparkles but, like humans, paranormals can have less-than-savory objectives. Along the way, I finally find a use for my newfound skills.

It’s available across all Kindle platforms (US$2.99)  (US and UK links). You can also read it for free through Kindle Unlimited.

E-books available through Amazon. Signed copies are available from me for US$10.99 plus shipping.