Free Download – Herby  Lady’s Top Ten Herbs

Just cuz I love everyone, I created a booklet entitled The Herby Lady’s Top Ten Herbs.

Included is information on the herbs I use the most. It’s a pdf and it’s free!


Free E-Book

TDSR Cover 1600x2400

You’ve finally moved into your own place. Congratulations! But, as the US commercial says, you’re on a Ramen-noodle-every-night budget. You want herbs in your kitchen not only for cooking but to also fight a cold or help with a magical spell and you can’t afford to purchase more than a few. Which herbs do you get?

In this quick guide, I give you a list of thirteen herbs that will do triple-duty for you. Briefly detailed: how you can use them in cooking, what health issues you can use them for and which types of magical spells to use them in.

You can find this book for 99¢ on Amazon US or 77p on Amazon UK but it’s free on Smashwords. Best of all, you can get it in any format you want.