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Archive for August, 2009

Fall’s A’Comin’!

• Aug 27th, 2009 • Category: health, herbs, magic, urinary tract infection

Y’know, I swear Fall comes earlier every year. Admittedly, we’ve had a really cool summer (at least for Georgia) but as I look out the window (and listen to the thunder of the storm rolling by), I see that the dogwoods are already starting to change and some of the Joe Pye Weed is as […]

Interesting Things Found in Research

• Aug 20th, 2009 • Category: herbs, magic, rue, vervain

I’m in the beginning stages of research for my second book and, although I know I’ll never know everything about herbs, I came across an interesting snippet of contradictory information. It’s not that I’ve never seen contradictory information before but this one sort of struck me. There’s a passage in a book on Stregheria (an […]

Cranberry & Urinary Tract Infections

• Aug 13th, 2009 • Category: cranberrry, herbs, urinary tract infection

I subscribe to the American Herbalists’ Guild daily email of herbal abstracts from PubMed and one this morning caught my eye. The abstract is from the journal “Drugs” and states at the end “However, in light of the heterogeneity of clinical study designs and the lack of consensus regarding the dosage regimen and formulation to […]

Herbal Tip of the Month – August 2009

• Aug 6th, 2009 • Category: herbs, sage

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the ‘Net recently and I came across a story on Herb Companion’s blog about many states and municipalities rushing to outlaw “Salvia”. What they’re concerned about is Salvia divinorum, a Species of Sage which is somewhat hallucenogenic. Unfortunately, many of the bills simply state “Salvia” – the […]

You Can’t Fix Stupid

• Aug 4th, 2009 • Category: Uncategorized

I just got back from my weekly trip to Atlanta (always a “fun” time). I have mused over the past 5+ years of making this trip just how nice it would be to have one of those gadgets in the back window of my car like Matt Helm (Dean Martin) did in “The Wrecking Crew”. […]