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Archive for August, 2011

Good Night Irene – I wish!

• Aug 26th, 2011 • Category: herbs, magic

Let me say straight out that I suck at weather magic. I know why, too. I’m always worried about the consequences elsewhere if I try to change what’s happening in my teensy corner of the world. We need rain but there might be someone that needs it more. Or maybe in times of excess rain […]

Witch Hunt – A Review

• Aug 22nd, 2011 • Category: Musings

I have a habit of reading “munchable” books in the evening (baseball on in the background, naturally). I read a lot of serious stuff during the day and prefer to be entertained rather than educated at night. Our purchase of Kindles earlier this year turned book-buying into instant gratification. I read a glowing review last […]

Advance Apologies

• Aug 17th, 2011 • Category: Musings

I”m going to take a break from writing a weekly blog. I know, I know, the pundits say to get and keep your name in front of the public, you need to have a post on a regular basis. But frankly, although I’m accustomed to juggling several things at once, I’m swamped: My accounting clients […]

On Snail Mail …

• Aug 11th, 2011 • Category: magic, Musings

In today’s age of nearly-instant communication, the art of letter writing seems to have vanished. Mostly. My long-time friend’s computer crashed and, due to the economy, they don’t have the money to either get it fixed or purchase a new one. How did I find this out? I got a letter in the mail. As […]

Opinions, Please …

• Aug 5th, 2011 • Category: Musings

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post about changes in my life and mentioned that I was turning my writing attention toward fiction. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll remember that a couple of weeks ago, I had an idea for a short story that my husband decided was […]

To Sleep – Perchance To Dream

• Aug 4th, 2011 • Category: health, herbs, magic

No matter how long I live in the South, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to school starting in early August. For me, summer’s “official end” is Labor Day and school should start after that. Today is the first day of school in our county and other counties around have either started or are […]