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Archive for May, 2012

Herbs & Minerals

• May 18th, 2012 • Category: health, herbs

When I went to the doctor about my frozen shoulder*, they naturally took an Xray to ensure there was nothing wrong with the skeletal structure. Just by looking at it, you could tell my bones weren’t quite as dense as they ought to be. It doesn’t really surprise me. I’m small-framed, Caucasian, I like sweets […]

Do Herbs Work?

• May 3rd, 2012 • Category: health, herbs

A rant by one of my favorite people, Harold over at Alchemy Works, got me to thinking about a question I’m frequently asked. The answer is a qualified YES. My answer is qualified because a) there are some issues where herbs won’t help and more importantly, b) not all herbs work the same way on […]