A witch and a bitch with an herbal itch - and an overactive imagination.
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Archive for May, 2014

A Familiar’s Tale, Prologue

• May 29th, 2014 • Category: magic, Ogre's Assistant

If you’ve been reading the Ogre’s Assistant series, you know that Amy is a witch with a familiar. Below is a recent conversation between them as recounted by Amy: “You tell me you’re older than Yoda. You must’ve seen some interesting stuff, huh?” I said. My familiar, a chocolate-brown cat named Fudge, interrupted his never-ending […]

On Bitchy Labels

• May 19th, 2014 • Category: Musings

My dear friend, Kallan, posted a blog on labels this morning. Toward the end, she talks about the label “bitch”. I dislike labels and always have because I’m me and there’s no one else like me. (At least I hope not. One of me inflicted on the world is enough. 😀 ) However, as you […]

For the Newly-Independent Witch

• May 8th, 2014 • Category: health, herbs, magic

We all know times are tough, especially for someone just starting out on their own. I can remember how tight I had to pull my belt on more than one occasion. You want herbs for cooking, health and magic but can’t afford to buy one herb for one need. What’s a witch to do? Toward […]

Polar Vortex Fallout

• May 7th, 2014 • Category: herbs, Musings

In case you didn’t know, mountains have micro-climates. We’re on the southeast side of a mountain and the worst of wind and cold seem to go right over us. We’re generally a degree or two warmer than just 400 feet downslope. Although I cover the more sensitive plants, we’ve managed to dodge the bullet winter-wise…until […]