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Archive for December, 2015

Solstice Thoughts

• Dec 21st, 2015 • Category: Musings

Like many, the Winter Solstice is my New Year. (That’s not to say I don’t celebrate January first!) As a person who needs light, I embrace the return of the Sun like a parched person welcomes a sip of water. I do a lot of thinking at the Solstice. What happened during the last year, […]

City Mouse Builds a Country Garden, Part Deux

• Dec 4th, 2015 • Category: Musings

Over a year and a half ago, I said I was going to replace all the mulch in the garden paths with rocks garnered from our property. And I did start picking up stones and rocks. Then, once again, logic finally kicked in. Do you know how many rocks it would take to fill those […]