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Archive for April, 2016

A Familiar’s Tale – Part XVI

• Apr 28th, 2016 • Category: Musings

I awoke to the light of a candle and the smell of cooked meat. I hoped there was rice being served with it – I was hungry! At some point I had been transferred from the traveling tube to my clay jar. Probing Hui’s mind, I discovered that we were at a small inn for […]

A Familiar’s Tale – Part XV

• Apr 8th, 2016 • Category: Musings

I next opened my eyes to find a humongous eye staring down at me. “This one will do,” said a voice coming from the direction of that eye. I was unceremoniously picked up and deposited into a dark something with small holes. The eye observed me through one of those holes. I tested my new […]