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A Familiar’s Tale – Housekeeping

Image by Dave Scelfo. Used under Creative Commons license 2.0A couple of weeks ago, I posted a plaint. Fudge was getting too wordy in his story to keep putting up 1,000± word posts – the menu to the right would get entirely too long!

After talking with some folks and thinking about it, I’ve decided the menu is going to be a brief glimpse into each of his lives. Once he’s finished telling Amy his full story, I’ll compile it into a book of some sort. All the “printing” decisions will be made after I see what I have.

For those of you who have been following along, I have a deal. Comment here before midnight on 1 June 2016, and I’ll send you a pdf of the entire book. Be sure to use a valid email when commenting because that’s where I’ll send it. No promises when you’ll get it because he’s less than half way through his tale but hopefully before the end of summer.

Characters-In Their Own Words :(

As you can see from the sidebar, Fudge has been telling his story to Amy. (No clue who they are? Read about their adventures here.)

I had originally intended it to be a novella, around 20,000 words or about one chapter per life. Fudge, for all his assumed reticence, is wordy! I’m not even through his fourth life (he has several more) and I’m well over the target word count. Do other authors have this problem? You have an idea of what’s supposed to happen, the characters take over the storytelling and the entire outline goes to hell.

So, a question for you, dear reader. Do I continue posting the story in approximately 1,000 word chunks (what “they” say is the best length for a blog post), lengthen the posts to something considerably longer (and possibly unwieldy), put a few chapters into a downloadable pdf…? The sidebar is already too long.

Suggestions would be most welcome!