Monthly Archives: June 2016

Now In Tree Book Format!


Even though the Ogre’s Assistant books have been out in ebook format for three and two years, there’s something about paper that makes it seem more real. They’re real!

Printing costs being what they are, the paperbacks are only available directly from me. These books are quick reads (deliberately so) and to distribute them through Amazon, I would have had to price them at $9.00 or more. I wouldn’t pay that much for a book that’s less than 250 pages and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to, either. I think $5.99 is a much fairer price.

So, if you want ink-and-paper of either (or both!) pop over to the linked page and click on the “add to cart” button. I’ll get them out to you ASAP!

Interview with a Witch: Me!

Last fall (my, how time flies) a young Italian friend interviewed me via Skype. His intent was to create a podcast series on traditional witches but, as happens frequently, life got in the way. So, he sent it on to me to publish. Therefore, I present – me:

My thanks to G for doing this. It was a lot of fun! (And, unlike you folks who only get to listen, I got to put a face to a name I’d known for a few years.)

(I see it’s not putting the time up…the interview is 45:50 long.)