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Archive for July, 2016

The 3-Month Project

• Jul 18th, 2016 • Category: Musings

I love our deck. It’s 50′ x 10′ (spans the length of the house) and looks out on woods … and the garden, if you look down. Now that I’ve figured out how to not be bug lunch, I am thoroughly enjoying the evenings out there. The summer days, however, are another matter altogether. The […]

Bug Spray

• Jul 1st, 2016 • Category: herbs

Eureka! For years (my entire life, actually) I have been bug lunch. I tried everything – even the icky commercial repellents didn’t work. I’ve always known I have a weird physiology but to not have a single one work? I had pretty much resigned myself to not being able to enjoy our deck in the […]