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Archive for September, 2016

Am I A Dinosaur?

• Sep 22nd, 2016 • Category: magic, Musings

  I’ve been contemplating this adjective for a while. Merriam-Webster defines a dinosaur as, “(2) someone or something that is no longer useful or current : an obsolete or out-of-date person or thing”. I feel out-of-date, perhaps even a little obsolete. Perhaps it’s my age (I’m well over the half-century mark). But some of the […]

Where’s Fall?

• Sep 9th, 2016 • Category: laughter, Musings

Doesn’t this look inviting? Here in the Southeastern US, we’re still sweltering. Usually by this time (second week in September) we’ve cooled off a little but the forecast isn’t looking good. I decided I’d try to find Fall. *dials 1-800-MAN-ATUR* “Thank you for calling Mother Nature’s Consortium. If you know your party’s extension, you may […]