The 7 Stages of Witchcraft

Having been on a few fora dealing with witchcraft the last few years, I’ve noticed something of a trend. It has to do with your age (mostly but not always chronological) and how you view the idea of tools and other magical trappings.  Have you noticed the same? I mean, think about it:

Child: if I blow on this dandelion I found in the yard and wish real hard, my wish will come true.

Teen: I want stuff but can’t have a lot because money/parents/room/other

Young Adult: I have my own place, can do my own thing and, oooh! Shiny! Oh, shit. I have to pay the rent/buy groceries/put gas in the car. Sigh.

Thirty-something: I have some disposable income and I’m going to get everything that “calls” to me.

Forty-something: What the hell was I thinking? My house is overrun with stuff I don’t use. But I might need it some day so…

Fifty-something (usually an empty-nester): I don’t use and hate cleaning all this stuff. Garage/eBay sale time.

Post-garage-sale-fifty-something: If I blow on this dandelion I found in the yard and put my energy & intent out into the world, my spell will come to fruition.

I have very little in the way of magical stuff. One of my favorite quotes sums up why quite well. It comes from Henri Frederic Amiel: For purposes of action,  nothing is more useful than narrowness of thought combined with energy of will.F