A Call to Action: What Makes Your State Great?

I rarely discuss religion and/or politics. Conversations on those subjects are pointless … no one is going to change anyone else’s mind, they usually end up in arguments and everyone goes away mad. No fun.

This time, however, I’m truly disgusted and will open my mouth. If you’ve been following pagan news, you have heard about the DC40 and their “51 Days of of Reformation Intercession”. If not, Jason Pitzl-Waters over at the Wild Hunt has a good blog post about it here. Effectively, these folks want to turn the United States into a strictly-Christian nation. They’re not talking about rewriting the Constitution … yet. (3rd Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …)  For now, they want to ensure all elected officials fear their god, effectively turning us into a Christian version of Iran and a few other countries in the Middle East.

Acquaintances of mine have started a rebuttal to those 51 Days entitled, “What Makes Your State Great?”. The day before DC40’s point day for a given state, people across the nation will be posting what’s great about their secular state. There’s a Facebook group about it here but even if you don’t do Facebook (I know there are about 100 people in the world not on Facebook), blog about it, put something in your Twitter feed or make a post on a forum. Although this effort was started by pagans, anyone can participate: Christians; Atheists; Muslims; Jewish; Reconstructionists; anyone who doesn’t want to see their country turned into a single-faith state.

The non-DC40 schedule is as follows:

Hawaii (50) The Aloha State10-02-11
Alaska (49)The Last Frontier 10-03-11
Arizona (48) The Grand Canyon State 10-04-11
New Mexico (47)The Land of Enchantment 10-05-11
Oklahoma (46) The Sooner State 10-06-11
Utah (45)The Beehive State 10-07-11
Wyoming (44)The Equality State 10-08-11
Idaho (43)The Gem State 10-09-11
Washington (42)The Evergreen State 10-10-11
Montana (41)The Treasure State 10-11-11
South Dakota (40)The Mount Rushmore State 10-12-11
North Dakota (39)The Peace Garden State 10-13-11
Colorado (38)The Centennial State 10-14-11
Nebraska (37)The Corn Husker State 10-15-11
Nevada (36)The Silver State 10-16-11
West Virginia (35)The Mountain State 10-17-11
Kansas (34)The Sunflower State 10-18-11
Oregon (33)The Beaver State 10-19-11
Minnesota (32)The North Star State 10-20-11
California (31)The Golden State 10-21-11
Wisconsin (30)The Badger State 10-22-11
Iowa (29)The Hawkeye State 10-23-11
Texas (28)The Lone Star State 10-24-11
Florida (27) The Sunshine State 10-25-11
Michigan (26) The Great Lakes State 10-26-11
Arkansas (25) The Natural State 10-27-11
Missouri (24)The Show Me  State 10-28-11
 Maine (23)The Pine Tree State 10-29-11
Alabama (22)The Yellowhammer State 10-30-11
Illinois (21)The Prairie State 10-31-11
Mississippi (20)The Magnolia State 11-01-11
Indiana (19)The Hoosier State 11-02-11
Louisiana (18)The Pelican State 11-03-11
Ohio (17)The Buckeye State 11-04-11
Tennessee (16) The Volunteer State 11-05-11
Kentucky (15)The Bluegrass State  11-06-11
Vermont (14)The Green Mountain State 11-07-11
Rhode Island (13)The Ocean State 11-08-11
North Carolina (12)The Tarheel State 11-09-11
District of COLUMBIA (DC) 11-10-11
New York (11) The Empire State 11-11-11
Virginia (10)The Old Dominion State 11-12-11
New Hampshire (9)The Granite State 11-13-11
South Carolina (8)The Palmetto State 11-14-11
Maryland (7) The Old Line State 11-15-11
Massachusetts (6)The Bay State 11-16-11
Connecticut (5)The Constitution State 11-17-11
Georgia (4) The Peach State 11-18-11
New Jersey (3)The Garden  State 11-19-11
Pennsylvania (2)The Keystone State 11-20-11
Delaware (1) The First State 11-21-11
11-22-11: Posting of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Secular Writings of our Founding Fathers


I’ll be joining in on October 20th, talking about Minnesota (where I was raised) and on November 18th about Georgia (where I live now).

Join me and others in our efforts to keep our country the melting pot it truly is and always was meant to be!