Advance Apologies

I”m going to take a break from writing a weekly blog. I know, I know, the pundits say to get and keep your name in front of the public, you need to have a post on a regular basis. But frankly, although I’m accustomed to juggling several things at once, I’m swamped:

  • My accounting clients are, as usual, wanting everything yesterday. I swear, a couple of them are as ditzy as a stereotypical blond.
  • I’m in the final throes of getting A Green Witch’s Formulary out. Only one last step (waiting on the printer) and I’ll be able to tell you it’s a “go”.
  • This story has me by the figurative balls. Or, as a friend of mine says, the muse is on. The characters and their lives are in my head nearly every waking moment, wanting to be put down on paper (well, hard drive). Thankfully I’m semi-retired from the j-o-b world and can write during the day as well as in the evening. Otherwise, I doubt I’d get a lot of sleep – they’re rather insistent. (If you’re good, maybe I’ll even give you a peek at the next chapter when I’m happy with it.)
  • At some point, I need to start sewing my costume for the New Orleans Witches’ Ball. Of course, I need to purchase the fabric, first. (Closest fabric store: 1.5 hour drive one way.) Then I need to figure out how to sew delicate fabric with two rambunctious kittens in the house and no door to shut them out of my sewing room …
  • And of course, there’s Mom. No discussion of my time usage would be complete without mentioning her. She doesn’t get ‘working’ or ‘schedules’ anymore and I occasionally have to drop everything and head over to her place for something which, to me, is nonsensical but very important to her.

So, if I find something interesting to say, I’ll blog about it but it won’t be every Thursday as it’s been for the last couple of years. Don’t delete me from your reader subscription list, huh?