Cat Nip



(No, I’m not high in this photo. I have an overbite. And I forget my tongue sometimes. Wanna make something of it?)

Meow. I’m Mischa and I’m hijacking DJ’s blog today to bring something of extreme importance to your attention. (Maks was supposed to type this because he’s more dexterous but the idiot is out on the deck chasing a lizard.)

Oooh. Milk ring. Be right back.

Milk ring subdued. On to the vital information I need to impart.

I’d like you to know that not all cats like Catnip. I, myself, am addicted to the stuff (I can handle it – no intervention needed) and Maks thinks it’s OK but Belette, the old lady that used to be here didn’t like it at all.

On the other paw, if you really want to get Maks’ attention, put some Valerian root in front of him. It smells just like the human male’s shoes, which he loves (that, and the shoelaces are da bomb).  The old lady also loved it. She always used her alpha position to grab the toy with Valerian in it and by the time she was done it was sopping wet with her drool. Maks had to wait for hours for it to dry before he could play with it.

The household ancestral memory tells us that one of the cats who has passed on was hooked on Chamomile. Based on what the spirits tell us, he could have used some help from Caddicts Anonymous. While it’s not a bad thing to drink from a human’s beverage receptacle, I understand if the female human’s back was turned, he’d drink her entire mug of Chamomile tea – and that’s after trying to eat the tea bag before she even got it in the water. That is a sign of true addiction, if you ask me.

Just as the household female wrinkles her nose at the male’s whiskey beverage while she sips on rum, we have different tastes, too. Although the old lady was eccentric, her dislike of Catnip wasn’t weird. So if the cat that lives with you doesn’t like Catnip, try Valerian or Chamomile. We all need a nip of something every now and again.


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  • Mary Massingill Posted September 27, 2013 12:04 pm

    So good! Wonderfully written Mischa!

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