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Category: laughter

Where’s Fall?

Doesn’t this look inviting? Here in the Southeastern US, we’re still sweltering. Usually by this time (second week in September) we’ve cooled off a little but the forecast isn’t looking good. I decided I’d try to find Fall. *dials 1-800-MAN-ATUR* “Thank you for calling Mother Nature’s Consortium. If you know your party’s extension, you may […]

Rock Garden Starter Set for Sale

Ever want your very own rock garden? Wish no more! The Herby Lady has put together a set of rock seeds just for you. Rocks are very easy to grow. They require no special soil, will grow in any condition from full shade to full sun and you don’t even have to water them! Rocks […]

Signs of a Clueless Husband

The conversation last night: Hubby: Boy, whatever you’re cooking on your bench sure smells good! (A few oils & vinegars steeping in sealed jars.) Me: Um … you shouldn’t be smelling anything off my bench. What does it smell like? Hubby: Mmm. Piney, but not. Me: Hello? Freshly-harvested bunches of Rosemary hanging? Hubby: Oh.  

Laughter: The Best Medicine

I just finished reading the August 2009 edition of Ode Magazine. The entire issue is devoted to laughter. In these tough times, what a wonderful idea. It’s been said that laughter is good for the soul. It’s good for your body, as well. A hearty belly laugh gets your lymph system flowing; it produces endorphins […]