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Category: Musings

My New Charm

No, I haven’t changed my personality. 😉 As background, for years I’ve worn several things on a necklace – always under my shirt. (I have conservative clients. They wouldn’t understand.) However, my thoughts on some things have changed and what I wore no longer really had meaning to me. It was time for something new. […]


As I said last week, it’s taken me a while to process my visit to Tulum. I’m not certain I’ve still fully grasped everything, but here goes… (Note: most of what I’m saying here is from our tour guide who, in addition to being an archaeological guide, is part Mayan. Take it as fact, or […]

Our First (and Last) Cruise

Yes, it’s been a while. Not much has been happening in my world, unless you count my (hopefully) learning how to read the Herbal Tarot and starting the research for a new book. We did, however, go on vacation last week, taking our first-ever cruise. Not having any real clue whether we’d enjoy it or […]

Winter Solstice 2016

If you’ve been following along, you know that the Winter Solstice is my New Year. Naturally, I celebrate the calendar along with everyone else, but the Solstice is when I do all my yearly thinking and planning. I also do a full rune cast to see what the coming year has in store for me. […]

Thanksgiving 2016

On This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for:    My health, for without that, nothing is enjoyable The fact that our house and trees have not burnt down in a wildfire (but my heart hurts for those that have) The fact that even in this drought, our well still has water (but my heart hurts for […]

On Wildfires and Elections

I’m on edge. It’s no surprise but still… In case you haven’t been paying a whit of attention to the news, there are wildfires throughout the Southeastern United States. It’s no wonder…rain has been scarce and we’re tinder-dry. (I was watching the news a few nights ago when they interviewed a US Forestry Service (USFS) […]

Am I A Dinosaur?

  I’ve been contemplating this adjective for a while. Merriam-Webster defines a dinosaur as, “(2) someone or something that is no longer useful or current : an obsolete or out-of-date person or thing”. I feel out-of-date, perhaps even a little obsolete. Perhaps it’s my age (I’m well over the half-century mark). But some of the […]

Where’s Fall?

Doesn’t this look inviting? Here in the Southeastern US, we’re still sweltering. Usually by this time (second week in September) we’ve cooled off a little but the forecast isn’t looking good. I decided I’d try to find Fall. *dials 1-800-MAN-ATUR* “Thank you for calling Mother Nature’s Consortium. If you know your party’s extension, you may […]

The USOC’s Safe Sport Program

This post is worlds away from my normal musings but it’s something that’s been bugging me a lot and I need to get it off my chest. For the first time in nearly twenty years, I am no longer very involved in the sport of fencing. I became a technician after accompanying my then-fiancé to […]

The 3-Month Project

I love our deck. It’s 50′ x 10′ (spans the length of the house) and looks out on woods … and the garden, if you look down. Now that I’ve figured out how to not be bug lunch, I am thoroughly enjoying the evenings out there. The summer days, however, are another matter altogether. The […]