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Category: Ogre’s Assistant

A Familiar’s Tale – Part VIII

This is where Korbis shined. He learned from Tal which herbs were used for what, how to blend them to make medicinal wine, how to use mechanical methods as well as magic to set a broken bone…all the tools of a physician of the time. Several times a year, a legion or more of the […]

A Familiar’s Tale – Part VII

We found ourselves outside the manor wall and looking down the hill at the rows upon rows of grapevines. “There’s plenty of room for you to fly around and I’ll wager a lot of bugs, too,” Korbis pulled me off his shoulder and threw me up into the air. I was growing stronger and managed […]

A Familiar’s Tale – Part VI

For your edification, the ether is like being in thick, gray smoke. Your spirit would be lost forever but we always know where we are, even if we cannot actually see anything. From somewhere, I heard a deep voice say, “You have done well, youngling, although you have much to learn. There are ways to […]

A Familiar’s Tale, Part II

Fudge continues his story (Prologue and Part I).   Familiars, like witches and wizards, have an affinity for one element. Mine is Earth and I am always assigned to Earth-affinity humans. Abou’s master was Water-affinity and did not know how to teach an Earth. He petitioned his gods to change Abou’s element. Needless to say, […]

A Familiar’s Tale, Prologue

If you’ve been reading the Ogre’s Assistant series, you know that Amy is a witch with a familiar. Below is a recent conversation between them as recounted by Amy: “You tell me you’re older than Yoda. You must’ve seen some interesting stuff, huh?” I said. My familiar, a chocolate-brown cat named Fudge, interrupted his never-ending […]