Cats …

What fascinating critters.  Unlike dogs who seem to love unconditionally, cats are extremely independent and you must earn their love and trust. You know the old saying, “a dog comes when you call, a cat takes a message and gets back to you”.  Or, a plaque a friend gave us that reads, “The cat and his housekeeping staff live here”.  It’s true, it’s their house and we’re privileged to make the mortgage payment.

I’ve had feline housemates for over thirty years and have had many interesting experiences with them.  The most recent came just this past Sunday. I was taking my usual Sunday afternoon nap on the couch with ESPN’s coverage of the Winter X Games in the background on the television. After only a short while, I woke up to what I thought was a “beep” from the timer on the stove. Because I had nothing cooking, I dismissed it as an imagined thing or something from a dream.  I started to go back to sleep only to have Nick, our 29-pounder, jump up and lay on me. As you might imagine, it’s rather difficult to sleep with that kind of weight across you. While I was laying there listening to his freight-train motor and considering moving him off, I heard from the television “our next competitor is Eric Willett”. That made me sit up immediately.  You see, Eric is the eldest son of a lifelong friend. I knew he had joined the professional snowboard circuit after he graduated high school but had no idea he had qualified for the Winter X Games. 

I was so glad Nick (and something/one else?) had woken me up. I was able to watch his performance and as a rookie to the X Games, win a silver medal in one of the competitions.

This morning’s news had an interview with a geriatric doctor regarding a book he’s written about their nursing home’s cat. Oscar first made the news almost three years ago because he seems to be a prognosticator of the death of a patient. Although he’s usually an independent, curmudgeon-y sort, shortly before the patient passes, Oscar will go into that room and curl up on the bed next to the person. As of July 2007, he had accurately predicted the passing of 25 patients. I understand he’s up to over 50 now.

The doctor, a scientist by nature, is unsure how Oscar knows. He thinks it’s pheromones or some other scent that alerts the cat. Maybe so. Or perhaps he feels the spirit trying to leave.  Nick, the above-mentioned lard-butt, is always nearby when I’m doing a spell.  My personal opinion is that they feel the energies stirring.  I know that our cats are extremely sensitive to moods and when I’m feeling sad or ill, one or more will immediately be at my side.  Oscar is lending his comfort and perhaps help when a spirit wants to pass over.

Cats … what fascinating critters.

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  • Mary Posted February 15, 2010 1:33 pm

    My cats are so aloof…. and want to be petted when THEY want to be petted, only then… LOL. My favorite thing is watching them walk through snow… step, shake the paw, step, shake the paw. And they are so amazed everytime it snows… it’s like they forget the white stuff is cold and wet!

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