As I get older (smacks gums), I find the need to simplify my life. I’ve been doing a lot of communing with spirit the last few weeks and have come to at least one conclusion: it’s time to stop selling my books directly.

To that end, I’ve reduced the price on every book in stock to a point I hope they’ll sell quickly. Some I’ll make a penny or two; some I’ll lose a penny or two. That said, I’m not offering free shipping. I don’t want to lose that much money! But even paying shipping, they’re still cheaper than retail!

SO! All prices are now rock-bottom. Click the links above to go to either the herb books or fiction books to see how low. I’ve noted the quantity in stock of each next to the price and will update it when something sells. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Note: the books I have in stock for the Ogre’s Assistant Series are the old covers. I’ll update the website with new once I’ve depleted my stock – I don’t want to mislead anyone.

Also, if you know of any bookstores that ought to be carrying my books, you might want to mention this to them. In most cases, my prices are lower than what they’d pay wholesale.

Once everything’s gone, you’ll still be able to get an autograph from me. If you send me proof of purchase, I’ll happily pop a signed bookplate in the post to you – free of charge.