Christmas 2014

Hubby and I spent a quiet day yesterday. We always do…our kids are with their other families, and that’s just fine. That doesn’t mean there weren’t presents & I thought I’d share some with you:

coffecupchocolateMy kids know me well, don’t they?

The boys couldn’t play with their gift from my oldest son’s family (we didn’t have the proper size batteries in stock) but the wrappings seemed to be a good substitute:

CatsXmasLeo The-Not-So-Stray even got a gift: his very own, custom-made, fully-insulated house:

LeoXmasWe don’t know if he’ll use it (he has a nest in the leaves underneath the other end of the porch) but we thought we’d try.

But my favorite of all:

card(I couldn’t get the image to rotate for some reason. And…his verb conjugation sucks but it’s the thought that counts!)

I want to see “Into the Woods” but we live in the boonies so driving to a movie theater down in the big city was out of the question since hubby had to work today. Instead, we watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” on pay-per-view. Finally! I know what the “I am Groot” that was going around the ‘Net earlier this year means!

I hope your day was exactly what you wished for!