Computers: A Love/Hate Relationship


I love computers. I really do. As an accountant, they’ve made my life so much easier. I never want to go back to the dark age of post binders & adding machines.

Without computers and the Internet, I wouldn’t be able to easily communicate with all you wonderful folks. I remember typing newsletters onto bluish-purple paper and running them through a ditto machine to make copies, collating, addressing envelopes, stuffing, stamping. (Just writing that brings back the strange aroma of ditto paper.) How many blogs do you think I’d get out in a month that way today? Probably none. I’m lazy like that.

On the other hand, I have to watch where I do spells. I have to keep electronics and magic far apart. I forgot one day several years ago and did a quickie spell at my desk. The monitor fizzled.

On the other hand, this little laptop has thousands, maybe millions of paper-equivalent pages of information I’ve amassed over the years. My personal herb database started in around 20 spiral-bound notebooks and it’s grown even further since I converted it to computer. Research notes for books would take up reams of paper instead of a tiny fraction of the hard drive.

On the other hand (I seem to have several), as you may have noticed, I’ve changed my blog template. After 3+ hours, it still isn’t quite the way I’d like it to be. I need to eat lunch and I do have other things to do today. So you’ll forgive me if, right now, it doesn’t look quite as pretty as the old template. I’m hungry.