Follow Friday

Borrowing a phrase from Twitter, here.

I follow a lot of blogs. I mean, a lot. Over 40 at last count. (That’s a lot to me.) I’m quite thankful for a reader that pulls them into one place via an RSS feed. Otherwise, I’d probably miss one or two or ten, given my screwy schedule. I thought I’d take today to share a few of them with you. Maybe you’ll like one or two, yourself.


Dr. Weil’s Daily Health Tips While not always completely herbal, always chock-full of good tips.

Henriette’s Herbal Henriette is well-known for her herbal knowledge.

Myrobalan Clinic Always something interesting here.

The Medieval Garden Enclosed This is the Cloisters Garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They nearly always have historical tidbits about the plants they grow (and pretty pictures, too).

Rue and Hyssop Jen lives in a gorgeous part of Canada and takes some of the most breathtaking pictures not only of her surroundings but herbs she finds at the farmers’ market and on her walks. (Jen’s a witch, too. I couldn’t make up my mind which category to put this in.)

Witchy Stuff

Rune Soup Gordon is a Chaos magician and always has something interesting to say.

In The Chimehours Sarah’s blog makes me think. (Sometimes that’s a good thing …)

The Secret Life of the American Working Witch Kallan’s “Sunday Stew” is not to be missed – lets you know what’s up for the week ahead. Her rants can be fun interesting, too.

My Village Witch Byron is located in these here southern Appalachians and keeps me up to date on the pagan community ’round these parts. And her life, which is just as complicated as the rest of ours.

Witchin’ From The Holler Another Appalachian resident … his blog is living history – from a certain point of view.

And just ‘cuz one needs to keep up with Pagan news & views The Wild Hunt. Jason’s news would never make it into the local rag!

So that’s a sampling of who I read. I’m always up for suggestions …

Happy Friday!


  • Jen Posted June 16, 2012 8:18 am

    Well, may I just say that I’m honoured to be on your list! I get such a joy from reading your blog too – your knowledge of plants is inspiring and you have such a lovely way of writing that it just feels like we’re sitting on your porch with a beverage, chatting.


    • DJ Posted June 18, 2012 12:47 pm

      Jen, it’s a mutual admiration!

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