Friday in the Garden


Isn’t the thyme pretty? The bees seem to think so, too. They’ve been feasting on the delicate blue/purple flowers all week. Except, of course, when I went to get my camera. I’d love to find their hive – I’ll bet the honey tastes yummy. (Yes, I know, I still have leaves to clean up.)

That huge, dark green thing behind the thyme is one of my rosemary plants. They’re almost ready for the first clipping of the year. I have six rosemary plants, two of which are that size. They gift me with about five pounds of dried leaves a year. Is it a wonder I use it for so much?

In the background you can see my raised-bed garden, which is also coming along nicely. I had a good visit with the wormwood this morning … it’s recovering from almost being drowned during our heavy spring rains. One of the things I like about wormwood: it doesn’t let much grow near it, making my weeding that much easier. Same for its cousin, mugwort. Those four beds are almost completely clear of anything but what I planted.

I did notice that either deer or rabbits must be having difficulty sleeping. The tops of the valerian have been chewed almost down to the ground. It’s always interesting to find out what constitutes a snack season-to-season. The valerian wasn’t touched last year but I lost an entire crop of chamomile. A couple of years ago, feverfew was favored.

I would like to know, however, why the Universe decided it needed fire ants. Regular ants I understand, but those little biting buggers? They got me this morning: they’d taken up residence in the bed where I have a couple of banefuls and I didn’t see them until I felt them. Like attracts like?

Country living is never dull!