Herbal Shampoo: Results

Awhile back, I found this recipe for a modified herbal shampoo. I don’t have time (or … am too lazy) to make my own shampoo from scratch so I usually purchase a mild commercial shampoo and add essential oils to it, using an infused-cider vinegar rinse. But, I thought I’d give their way a try. The results:


  • It cleans just as well as full-strength commercial shampoo.
  • Combining the herb-infused water & glycerin with commercial shampoo stretches the dollar.


  • I have, for years, used a bottle with a pump to dispense shampoo in the shower. This recipe, being naturally more liquid, runs through my fingers rather than puddling up in my palm. (I’ll admit to having small hands, but …) While the dilution factor may save money, I’m not sure how much as I have to use two pumps to get enough to wash my hair, rather than one. This recipe may be better served using a squirt bottle & applying directly to the hair.
  • The same liquidity means it doesn’t lather up as much as undiluted shampoo, which is quite OK. However, rather than staying nicely put on my head in a cap of foam, it runs into my eyes the moment I stand anything but completely erect.

(I haven’t noticed any difference in the “shine” factor, either.)

While I like the idea, I hate having soap in my eyes. As soon as I’ve used up this batch, I’m going to try a second; this time using half the amount of herb-infused water called for in the recipe. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go back to the old way of adding essential oils.