Kitchen Witch-My Style

A couple of weeks ago, I may have mentioned that I was working on a new project. This one was even sorta crafty – and craft-related!

You’ve no doubt heard of a kitchen witch – not the witch that does most of her work in the kitchen but the little good luck charm sold by many. They can look like most anything but typical is this one found on etsy:



I also may have mentioned a time or two that mouse is one of my spirit animals. Once upon a time, I even made & sold custom-dressed mouse dollies & other mouse-related stuff. This is the last dolly I made – 18 years ago – for my then-fiancé, who is a fencer (Monsieur L’Escrimouse is awfully old & dirty & cat-chewed, now):


Anyhoo, I got a bug up my butt a couple of weeks ago and decided that I needed a kitchen witch. Naturally, it had to be a mouse. (First, I had to find the danged pattern…) But here’s the result – my Kitchen Witchmouse:


She’s got her broom (of course) and has just come in from harvesting herbs in the garden. (Yes, that’s real rosemary – purification & protection, dontcha know.) She now resides atop my cupboards, overseeing all my kitchen witchery.