Magical Laundry

Yeah, no. Not me.

Yeah, no. Not me.


Today is Laundry Day around here. With only two of us and the husband wearing uniforms to work, it’s not a daily, or even weekly thing (thankfully) but it does occasionally have to be done. (I’m getting my exercise, too. My office is on the second floor and the washer/dryer in the basement. My own version of a Stairmaster.)

We wash our clothes so they’re clean. I even wash brand-new clothing to get the manufacturer’s fabric finish off. (It makes me itch.) But do you cleanse your clothes?

A lot of people shower or bathe before ritual to cleanse themselves of anything negative they may have picked up. Clothes pick up and retain all that, too. Therefore, as I clean, I cleanse. While the washer is filling, I mutter a cleansing spell over it and as I’m doing that, a couple of drops of Rosemary essential oil go into the tub. It’s not enough to make anything smell like Rosemary but is enough to add her cleansing properties. You don’t necessarily need to use Rosemary – it just happens to be my favorite all-round herb. Lemon works, too. Or anything else that says “purification” to you. (If you’re doing diapers or something you want disinfected, try about a teaspoon of Tea Tree oil. A friend of mine swears by it.)

By doing that, I know the next time I put on a shirt (or that new dress I bought that may have been tried on by someone in a shitty mood) I won’t have any leftover negativity beginning my day. Enough piles up during the day from my clients that it doesn’t need a “starter”.

So, do you cleanse your clothes?



  • Iesadora Posted April 2, 2015 7:46 pm

    Today is my laundry day too, only because it’s my assigned day for the washroom in my building. Like you I also wash just bought clothes before I wear them, it’s the smell that gets me. But I never thought about cleansing them! The president of the HOA tries to make us not use fabric softener (it will gunk up the pipes – pish) or bleach for that matter (will corrode that pipes – again pish) so to compromise I add vinegar to my fabric softener, do you think that is helpful for cleansing?

    • DeborahJ Posted April 2, 2015 8:13 pm

      Magic is all about intent so whatever you think is purifying will purify.

  • Iesadora Posted April 3, 2015 5:52 pm

    I knew that – well somewhere in the depths on my brain I knew that lol Thank-you for the reminder!! =)

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