Meditating …

I feel a bit adrift. Baneful! is finally out … the hard part remains: marketing. That will continue over the next rest-of-my-life, along with my other books. I can’t do that every waking hour, though, without turning into what I dislike the most: a spammer.

I don’t have another herb book immediately in mind and my brain just doesn’t want to wrap itself around writing fiction. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started, restarted and restarted yet again Ogre’s Assistant Book Two. I know what happens at the beginning and how it should end but getting from Point A to Point Z? Not just flowing from my fingers. What’s a writer to do?

Clean. My solution to almost any problem. (If you’ve read Stressed! Ogre’s Assistant Book One, this will sound familiar!). It’s been a couple of months since my office was even dusted but thankfully, the cleaning felines do a fairly good job of that rolling around on my desk & filing cabinets when seeking attention. No, it needs more than that. The floor needs a good wet mopping. So, cooling on the stove is my wood-floor cleaner: strong black tea with a handful of Rosemary thrown in for good measure. (I love the smell of Rosemary & it’s an excellent magically-cleansing herb. I practice what I preach.)

There’s more to it than just a good cleaning, though. Some people get their best ideas in the shower, others while they’re driving their car. I get mine while mopping & vacuuming. It’s a form of active meditation that suits my A-type personality rather well.  (Those who know me would have a good belly-laugh at the thought of me sitting quietly for even five minutes.)

I need to get out in the garden, too. (Like housework, gardening is never-ending.) Later, though, when the sun isn’t quite so high and hot. That’s another form of meditation for me. I can let my mind wander far & wide – or nowhere while pulling “weeds” from the beds.

Can’t sit still to meditate? Try vacuuming or mopping or weed-pulling. It works. Trust me.