Money “Magic”

Money is on everyone’s mind. Well, probably most people’s minds. There are spells to win the lottery, spells to get a new job or a rise in pay at work, spells to lessen the amount of a bill … you get the idea.

A few months ago, someone mentioned on a forum (and I apologize but I can’t find the post) that in their culture, one shouldn’t keep one’s handbag on the floor. Then I found this article that basically says the same thing, “a purse on the floor is money out the door”. It’s a feng shui thing, too.


For years (and I mean the majority of my working life), my purse has lived on the floor. At home, I’d dump it on the floor as I walked in the door from work (properly zippered to keep the cats from emptying it). At the office, it sat underneath my desk. Now that home and office are the same place, it’s under the desk in my office.

I made mention of that fact to the forum poster and he/she suggested I put it in a desk drawer. Umm…my desk drawers are full of files and my purse is several times the size of a fanny pack or clutch. I carry almost everything but the kitchen sink, including a couple of multi-tools. It won’t fit in a drawer.

But I got to thinking about it and came up with a solution: I have a small footstool my college roommate made as a Christmas gift. It’s too small to be of much use but it was a gift so I don’t want to get rid of it. I moved the stool from my bedroom to under my desk and placed my purse on it about three months ago. Nothing else, just moved the purse off the floor.

Since that time, I’ve sold nearly twice the number of books as I did in the same period last year. (Thank you!) A few opportunities have presented themselves that I believe will also help me sell books. Although I’m not pleased about the reasons, a couple of my accounting clients have had more work for me – more billable hours.

A word of advice: move your purse off the floor! I wish I’d known that old wives’ tale sooner.