My Word 2011

It seemed like a good thing to do last year … choose a word that has the ability to make an impact on your life and concentrate on it for a year.  (If you haven’t been following my blog for a year or didn’t completely rootle around in the archives, that post can be read here).

So, I printed the word “Faith” on an index card and pinned it to the bulletin board above my desk. It did serve as a reminder to me that things will all work out, no matter how awful the situation may be (and 2010 wasn’t the best year, believe me).

I need to keep that reminder so “Faith” will remain in front of my face each day. Next to it I’m going to pin another index card with “Chill”, which is my word for 2011. As a worry-wort, I tend to chew on things a lot, which creates even more stress. Given all the BS that I’m going through, continuing to ruminate on things isn’t good for my health, as evidenced by my getting sick twice already this cold-and-flu season when I normally don’t catch anything at all (or if I do, it’s mild enough for me to continue marching on).

Hopefully with those cards in front of me, I’ll remember to take a deep breath, Chill and have Faith that things will work themselves out; rather than let my temper and stereotypical Virgo personality get the better of me.

Have you picked a word for 2011? Share???