No Coincidence

I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe everything happens for a reason. It’s just a question of waiting to see why something happened. Let me explain:

A year or so ago, a candle maker across the aisle from us at a fair gave me a set of lemongrass votive candles. I thought it somewhat strange at the time as I make and sell candles of my own. But these were a different size than the votives I make and lemongrass definitely isn’t one of my usual scents. (Although I like how it smells – somewhat lemony with a touch of ginger.) I accepted the gift graciously (I hope) and put them on a shelf in my shop, figuring I’d find a use for them at some point.

Then earlier this year at another fair, a friend of ours who sells jewelry, crystals and the like had a white quartz votive holder that called my name so loudly I just had to buy it. Problem is, the place for the candle is larger than used for the votives I make. Still had to have it. (I had long forgotten about the lemongrass votives at this point.)

As I was packing up for the Alabama Renaissance Faire this weekend, I noticed the votive holder again and my eyes were drawn to the box of lemongrass votives sitting on the shelf. A lightbulb went on in my head. For some reason I was meant to burn those candles in that candleholder. But why?

Looking up lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus in my database, I noticed that apart from its use in Asian cuisine, it’s antimicrobial and is good for fevers. It (or one of its relatives) is also known as “citronella” and as most know, that’s an insect repellent. It’s too late for biting insects here in the mountains and I don’t need its medicinal properties so I needed to look further. Further down to the magical properties brought me to an “aha” moment. It’s used to strengthen psychic powers.

Why “aha”? I’m fairly good at reading runes but decided awhile back that it’s time to branch out to cards to get a little more information and perhaps a different perspective. I’ve tried a couple of different sets over the last few months with no luck whatsoever. I have a set on order that I’m hoping will be the set (I sure like the artwork, anyways). It probably wasn’t the cards but me. Burning those lemongrass candles in that votive holder may be the boost I need with the new card set. I’m going to give it a try!