Of Hornets & Hummers

I (we) have a problem. Hornets have found the hummingbird feeder. These guys are damned near as large as the baby hummer and our normally aggressively-territorial hummers are being chased away.

Problem is, they both like the same thing … sugar! If I take away the feeder the hornets go away, sure, but so do the birds!

Did a wee bit of research on the ‘Net and found that Wormwood or strongly aromatic Mints are hornet deterrents. It’s a little late to plant anything but I’d just cut some Wormwood for drying so hung that along the porch to either side of the feeder. Yep, hornets don’t like it and it doesn’t seem to bother the birds. Problem is, the hornets just go around it & back to the feeder.

I’m running on empty for ideas. Their nest is somewhere in the woods rather than around the house. I hate to kill them but on the other hand, they’re not allowing the hummers to feed.

Anyone out there got any ideas?