Out with the Old, In with the … Old?

Happy New Year! Sun’s New Year, Gregorian Calendar New Year … whatever floats your boat. Nothing prevents me from celebrating twice!

It’s custom at this time to review the last year and make resolutions plans for the new year. I’ll let you in on a secret: mine turned out to be a lot bigger than I’d thought. You see, I got called by a god. I’ve never done deity. Not that I haven’t believed in something bigger than me but that’s been amorphous – until now.

We first met a few years ago when I was doing research for a book I’ve yet to write (2 huge binders of information are gathering dust). He sounded like the kind of god I’d like but since I didn’t do deity, well … Fast forward to a few months ago. He kept popping up in my mind. The call became as irritating as a telemarketer … all hours of the day and night. I looked at Caller ID and sent him to voice mail. In the meantime, my mood kept getting shittier and what little I have in the way of creativity went down the crapper. My fiction writing looked a lot like my business letters: dull and to-the-point.

I finally answered the call last week & we talked. What he gets: acknowledgement of his existence and a small altar in my bedroom. (Notice I’m not capitalizing the pronoun. No worshipful subject here.) I cautioned him about the altar: my kittens can be destructive. He claims they’ll leave it alone. What I get: my mood has lightened considerably and the writing light bulb has reappeared over my head.  Those binders of research? A lot of it will go into the book I got stuck on. Hmph.

So, here I am in my later years, doing something I never thought I’d do. It kind of pisses me off but then again, one doesn’t argue with a god. They can make your life hell if you try.