On Privacy

Hello. My name is DJ and I have a problem. I’m addicted to privacy – especially Internet privacy.

I actively dislike sites that offer something free … in exchange for my name and email address. I know if I give out my email address, I’m going to get unwanted correspondence. These sites don’t allow me to decide if I want further communication – they force me to “opt out” – but they still have my contact information.

I actively dislike sites that require me to log in with my Facebook or Twitter account before I can read an article – choose your topic. While I’m not as private as my husband – I do have a Facebook & Twitter account, which he does not – I refuse to do that. I’m afraid if I were to sign in with either account, that would compromise not only my security but that of my friends/followers, as well.

I actively dislike that everything is going to “the cloud”. As soon as I can, I’m dumping my current smartphone because the only way I can sync it with my laptop is via the cloud. Not just my information but my clients’ information is out there in the ether, somewhere. It’s scary.

While I know it’s inevitable (especially since I have to be sorta “out there” as an author), I actively dislike the fact that with a few keystrokes, you can find out a lot about me. I do like the fact that there are dozens of women out there with my exact name (and even a couple with my date of birth) so those that don’t need my information may be easily confused.

Perhaps it’s my age. I was brought up long before the age of the share-everything-Internet … computers were stored in buildings, not tiny cases that fit in a pocket, and the US military had the only “Internet”. However, dear reader, all this is why I don’t ask for your email address or even name when I offer something for free (like my Top Ten Herbs). If you’ve purchased a book or something else from me, your information is, yes, in my accounting software but you can be assured I’ll never share that with anyone. (Unless the Internal Revenue Service comes calling. Sorry. They have more pull than you. 😉 )

I value your privacy just as much as I value my own.


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  • Emily Posted August 27, 2013 11:40 am

    As an IT professional, thank you. 🙂 Too few people are as concerned about privacy on the Internet. The amount of personal information thrown around lightly on the Web truly is frightening.

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