On Spirit Guides

Everyone has at least one spirit guide, whether you know they’re there or not. You may call them guardian angels. I call them family and friends. If you pay attention, you may notice that some come and go … they’re only with you for a specific reason and once you’ve learned whatever it is they are there to teach, they move on.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that some folks seem to think their guides are watching over them 24/7/365. A bumper sticker I see frequently reads, “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”  Puh-leez. They can be anywhere in an instant but they may be occupied elsewhere while you’re driving. (Not to mention it’s not their foot on the gas pedal.)

My maternal grandmother has been around since she passed when I was eleven. She’ll almost always come when I ask but others? Not so much. My father-in-law is a marvelous resource for a city gal now living in the country but he’s not always within “shouting distance”. (He has an eye for the ladies … I suspect he’s off chasing a ghostly skirt.)

There have been several others over the years that were there to guide me to or along a certain path. The one I called “Fred” (he wouldn’t give me any other name) kicked my butt down the path to Master Herbalist school. He was around on occasion during those years, ensuring I completed the course. Once I had the diploma in hand, he disappeared.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing the spirit of several herbs over the years. They are wonderful guides to learning about the herb apart from what science knows. Rosemary knows she’s my favorite herb and comes around when her properties are germane to whatever I’m thinking about.

Another thing I’ve learned about spirit guides is they won’t give you all the answers you seek … they are guides, after all. I almost never receive a straight answer to a question but they’re pretty good about dropping strong hints as to which direction to take.

And then there are times when they don’t even give hints. I’m going through a rough patch on a couple of fronts at the moment and although I can feel their love and support, the message is, “you’re on your own … this is something you have to work through”.

Don’t know your spirit guide(s)? Sit quietly, center yourself and put out a gentle call. Don’t be impatient … they may be in the middle of something or with someone else. I usually wait about ten minutes before “hanging up the phone” but I’ve left a message. Someone eventually shows up … many times in my dreams. It’s up to me to remember and interpret the message. (I’ll get a slap upside the head if I don’t. They don’t like to repeat themselves.)

I suggest you treat your guides as you would like to be treated. Don’t demand their presence, and don’t pout when they won’t tell you what you want to know. I’ve found they know more than I do and if they won’t answer a question, they have their reasons. Being petulant will alienate a spirit guide just as quickly as a flesh-and-blood person.