Scorpion Medicine

I was stung by a scorpion somewhere around midnight Saturday in my bed. No, not the huge suckers you see in the desert … we have little ones that are called “wood scorpions” around here because that’s where they live – trees, woodpiles – all of which are around our house.  They and brown recluse spiders are the only reason I have an exterminator using icky chemicals. Biting bugs/arachnids are all well and fine outside the perimeter of the house but indoors? A resounding no.

Unless you’re allergic, these guys’ sting is more like a bee sting. The first one, on my toe, I didn’t really think a lot about … I get weird feelings sometimes as I’m falling asleep. The second one, on my knee, made me look under the covers but I didn’t see anything. The third, um … a little farther up, had me hopping out of bed throwing covers off, batting my nightgown, and basically amusing the cats with my dance. He apparently was in my nightgown because I found him on the floor. Vertical compression took care of that one.

This is the first time in over eight years of living here that I’ve been stung and I really had no clue what to do. They hurt like hell a lot. Since they felt like bee stings, I made my normal bee sting remedy – a baking soda plaster. That calmed the pain enough for me to finally fall asleep … after thoroughly checking the bedding.

Sunday morning I posted about it on Facebook & Twitter. One of my tweeps asked if I’d checked out scorpion energy medicine. Thanks, @MahaliaFreedND, for knocking me upside the head. Being a very stereotypical Virgo, I have a tendency to focus on the mundane (ouch, and why is the exterminator late?) than the more occult things.

Once I’d gotten enough coffee in me to actually read search results, the message of Scorpion was interesting.

Several sites later (this one in particular) I found that Scorpion is telling me change is in the wind. It’s not going to be easy and I’ll have to give up something to get to wherever it is I’m going.  Interestingly, this coincides with my horoscope for this month. I’ll admit to having a hard head but honestly, the horoscope would’ve been enough. I didn’t need such a painful (and now itchy) lesson …

I’m going to go harvest a bunch of Lemon Balm. I have a feeling I’m going to need to drink a lot of that infusion to keep calm …