I spent yesterday spending money instead of making it. A friend invited me to go with her to a wholesale gem and jewelry show in Franklin, North Carolina. While jewelry isn’t my thing, I found the most wonderful red zebra agate mortar and pestle sets for my shop … still have to take a photo and upload them to inventory. They are most unusual, which I like!

My greatest find was some blue lace agate cabochons with which to make my new rune set. I’ve been wanting a new set for awhile to replace the inexpensive ceramic set I’d been using but the wood set I made didn’t feel right. I think it was too lightweight. These are jewelry-quality cabochons, so quite a bit of money later … and more effort to come, I will have not only a functional set but one that is quite pretty to look at.

Now, out to the garden to see what the deer and rabbits have been munching on in my absence.

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  • AUTOLIANNOUGH Posted December 11, 2009 10:21 am

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