Spring Fever Strikes!

This has been the snowiest winter on record! Well, my record, anyways. I’ve been keeping track of the weather since we moved here seven years ago and thus far this winter, we’ve had 16 inches of snow – ‘way more than twice any other year and the season isn’t over, yet. It’s Georgia not Minnesota. I’m supposed to be able to go outside & play most days! Not only has it been cold & white but if it hasn’t been snowing, it’s been raining. The ground is saturated to the point of mud. (We live on a dirt road. You should see my car. It looks like one of those in an advertisement for off-road activities.)

The last few days have been glorious and it doesn’t matter what job I’m doing (accountant or writer), I’m stuck inside at my desk, looking out. Painful, to say the least. I think the garden beds have finally dried out to the point I can work them and come hell or high water, I’m getting out there this weekend. I know the cold weather isn’t entirely over but I can at least muse on what I’m going to do this year and do some preliminary preparations.

You see, I have to downsize my garden (the main garden is 42 feet in diameter). My hips just don’t like all that bending and squatting any more and we can’t afford to build up the beds to waist height. I had originally thought about taking the outer beds down altogether but I like my medicine wheel design. So, I’m going to take some plants out, relocate others, plant wildflowers in the outer circle that will have to make it on their own and keep my fingers crossed that they don’t get munched down too badly. (I have lavender started in the house that I’ll ring the garden with. That’s one of the two herbs I’ve found our rabbits & deer don’t like – the other being catnip.)

I can’t actually move any plants just yet. Although the weather is nice, we’ll still get one or two cold snaps (and possibly even more of that white crap) before it’s time. I have to practice patience. Once the cold snaps are over (mid- to late-March) I can really get going without worrying whether they’ll survive the move.

So, I can’t quite get my hands filthy but I can get outside & do some work … including explaining to the guys that are being downsized why they’re getting the pink slip. I hope they understand.

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  • Selena Posted February 20, 2011 10:39 am

    I found your blog through Twitter and am so glad I did. You have provided a wonderful amount of herbal information, a passion of my own, and I love seeing it used in a writerly voice.

    Thank you, and many green blessings!

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