Spring? Please?

The old saying goes, “March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb”. It definitely came in like a lion this year … we had 3½ inches of snow in just a few hours on Tuesday. Snow doesn’t usually bother me and I go regardless of the weather. After all, I grew up in the upper Midwest and 3½ inches is a miniscule amount up there. But this particular snowfall set me back on my heels. The effort to put protection spells on my car has paid off. Less than 4 miles from home I couldn’t make it up a hill, slid back down a ways and ended up with my rear wheels off the road but not completely in the ditch. I managed to turn around and, fighting the road all the way, got back to my parking spot in front of the garage. It took me 45 minutes to go a little over 7 miles but both the car and I are in one piece with nary a scratch.

North Georgia does get snow, and sometimes “quite a bit” (six inches to a foot is a lot around here). I remember the blizzard of 1993. But that was just one event. It seems we’ve had snow every few days this year and I’m totally over it. I moved south to be able to get outside nearly year ’round and as I write this there is still snow on the ground, although it’s finally melting. Even if it was a tad warmer, the ground is so wet that nothing can be done. Our private road is a mudslide waiting to happen in spots.

It’s supposed to be sunny and warm enough this weekend to get outside. I’m afraid to look at the garden. Although herbs are generally fairly hardy sorts, this year has been pretty brutal between the snow and protracted cold. I always give the Rosemary their own “greenhouse” in the winter with stakes & plastic and I noticed yesterday that the weight of the snow has torn the plastic off the stakes. The plants are still covered but there’s no telling how much cold has seeped in through the holes or whether the snow not only tore the plastic but crushed the plants as well.

The Wormwood is still poking its nose up above the snow but I can’t tell whether it survived or not. Same thing with the Lavender & Thyme. I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see if they come back.  Last year at this time I was watching the Chamomile start to blossom and the Feverfew come up. All I see is white when I look at those beds.

Cabin fever has set in with a vengeance. I want to get outside and putter around so bad I can almost taste it. Could I have some Spring, please?


  • Mary Posted March 8, 2010 11:31 am

    Yes Spring!!!! I had to give my rosemary a good whacking yesterday… just the dead limbs. But, there are signs of spring everywhere! Crocus are blooming, I have buds on my trees, and the roses are starting to put out. Of course, I’m in Alabama, but our weather is generally the same, and this winter has been very icky! My garden looks like it’s been neglected for years instead of just 4 months!

    • DJ Posted March 8, 2010 4:30 pm

      Geez, Mary, I wish our weather was like yours. We’re nearly 1,000 feet higher and as such, slightly colder for longer periods.

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