Summer Solstice 2012

Summer “officially” begins this Wednesday, 20 June at 7:09pm EDT. I know all sorts of witches getting ready for rituals and the like, but not me.

First, I actually welcomed summer about a week ago. My clue that it’s summer in my small part of the world is when the fireflies finally start twinkling in our trees. (High summer is when the katydids start their incessant noise at sundown.) Rather than a calendar telling me what season it is, I pay attention to the seasons as they occur here and I can tell you, it’s quite different than, say, the northern states.

Second, I’m really not into ritual. I don’t disparage anyone who likes them. They’re just not my thing. I try to do a little something every day to acknowledge what’s happening – even if it’s just a “nice to see you” to the moon at night.

My metaphysical year begins at the Winter Solstice. This is when I do a lot of planning for the upcoming year. I’m not able to do a lot outside during the dark of the year and it’s an ideal time for deep thinking. Not to mention that I’m a light-needing person and the days getting longer is a time for celebration for me.

Although I don’t “celebrate”, the Summer Solstice is an important day for me. I look at what I’d planned at Winter, how things have progressed (or not), and make adjustments where necessary. I will sit down Wednesday night, give a nod to the fireflies and reflect on the last six months.

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  • Jen Posted June 20, 2012 12:36 am

    After two years of study that required ritual for sabbats & esbats, I’ve gone back to the more “noticing subtle changes as they occur” way of practicing too. I do still enjoy ritual, but it doesn’t feel necessary for me to acknowledge seasons and shifts in that way.

    My camping trip these last four days was definitely an embracing summer event for me! Even if it did rain for half the trip.

    Midsummer blessings and firefly delights!

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