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Occult Day 18 November

Did you know? There’s a holiday for that! This year it falls on Sunday, so you get my comments about it early.

Some people tend to forget that “occult” simply means hidden. Look at the various definitions from Merriam-Webster. You don’t get to the ‘woo’ until the fourth definition of the adjective, yet every site addressing this day that I looked at talked about magic. The noun (almost always used with, “the”) is what folks look at. The vast majority of images when you search for “occult” had this sort of theme:

I suspect some doctors are chuckling behind their hands – look at the fifth adjective definition…

Looking at the first adjective definition: everyone hides something.  There’s a line in Billy Joel’s The Stranger that says, “Though we share so many secrets, There are some we never tell.” If you think about it, it’s true. Or should be. Sometimes I wonder about folks on social media sharing everything to the point of TMI…

Whether it’s practicing magic, reading tarot or runes (revealing hidden messages), or simply keeping a part of yourself concealed that others don’t need to see, celebrate Occult Day!