A Tale of Two Soaps

Awhile back (dang! nearly 3 years ago!) I wrote a post about using soap as a way to incorporate magic into your hectic life. I’ve been faithfully making my magical soap – until about a month ago, that is. I ran out of base & kept forgetting to order more. Having used even the slivers up and still not remembered to order base, I bought a bar of commercial soap when doing the grocery shopping. Clean’s the main thing, right?

Clean is the main thing but it ain’t the only thing for this witch. A shower is more than just washing my body & hair. It’s one of my rituals. I use the “morning soap” to gear up for the day ahead. A shower in the afternoon or evening with the “calming soap” gets rid of the stress I seem to accumulate during the day. (Don’t want to insult any of my friends but several of my accounting clients really should have blond hair.) The commercial soap accomplished the clean but not the cleanse, if you get my drift. I tried charming the commercial bar but nothing happened so I think for me, the magic is in the making.


I’ve learned my lesson. A new supply of base is on the way.