Temporarily Abandoned Project

I have a problem.


brick wall

I had an idea for an online course, based on my books (which are an outgrowth of my passion): teaching medicinal and magical herbalism together. I started writing it and made good progress … something like 70 pages of basic information. However, when I got to writing about the practical part of magical herbalism, I ran into a roadblock.

I have no idea how to put into words what I do almost completely by intuition. If I need to do a spell, my gut (and sometimes the plant spirits themselves) tells me what to use. Yes, my years of study and practice have hardwired a lot of information but many times, something I don’t expect worms its way into the equation. And because all my spells are individualized to the situation, there’s no set this spell for that problem. (See this post for my methods.) How does one go about imparting that kind of information?

I’m not completely giving up, just putting it on the back burner. Like everything else, I’m sure it’ll come to me when I’m not consciously thinking of it – like waking me up at 2am with the ‘aha’ moment. I’ll let you know when that happens.

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  • Stacey Posted November 15, 2013 9:26 pm

    I wrote a course once on Magical Herbalism for an online school, it’s hard to ‘basic it out’ for everyone because, like you, my practice is mostly intuitive and instinct but I also think that comes from years of working with plants. Being a herbalist you kind of get a different perspective than perhaps some one who is new to using herbs in magic and you can go with instinct, letting the plant guide you as you have a better understanding of them.

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