Thinking …

The Thinker


I’m almost three chapters into Fudge’s life and Amy’s about to fall asleep. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look here.) I wanted him to not only tell Amy about his life but also instruct her a little into the various ways magic was practiced during his long life. (Spoiler: he’s older than Yoda.) I’m finding he seems to be related in some way to my college marketing professor – droning, boring. He needs to be more like the guy that taught macro economics – putting life into a dull subject.

Although I promised myself I was going to use my time off from clickety-punch to write, today I’m going to clean up after the kittens (the older cats would never be caught playing with toys, you know). I’m going to fix the cordless phone that’s now in pieces, find the countless little plastic balls that have been rolled all over the house and attempt to remember (mumble-mumble years later) why I laughed in an economics class.

Learning should be fun, don’t you think?