Why I Don’t Write About Magic (much)

Blogs & books about “how to perform magic” or “how to be a witch” [snort] are popular around this time of year. They’re chock-full of instructions on what to do when for what, an ingredient/tool list as long as your arm, etc. I’ve obviously been remiss in this regard as a “public” witch and should probably rectify the situation.

I  don’t follow any tradition nor do I work with any deities so my magic is rather simple:

Step One: Question: Have you done all the mundane stuff necessary for desired outcome?

Step Two: If the answer to One is yes, decide on spell. Envision as many outcomes as possible to refine. You know: conditional logic. Oh, you don’t? If this, then that. Take as long as you need to “get it right”. (Ten, fifteen minutes ought to do it or for really big issues, maybe an hour.)

Step Three: Grab whatever strikes your fancy at the moment, whether it be herbs, candles, pen & ink … Assemble it all wherever you feel like casting the spell. (Yes, I’ve done one on top of the toilet.)

Step Four: Ask anyone around (like spirits) to help if they’re of a mind. Light candle/burn herbs or whatever you feel needs to be done while focusing on outcome. Got something to say? Say or think it.

Step Five: Give thanks for any help, say you’re done, dispose of spell leftovers (like used herbs or ash) and get on with your life.

I don’t have any fancy rituals or secret methods. I customize each spell to the individual situation so do things in whatever way I feel appropriate in a short, sweet and to-the-point manner, and as Larry The Cable Guy says, “Git ‘R Done”.

That is why I don’t write much about magic.

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  • motheralice Posted October 27, 2012 10:53 am

    Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Thanks. 🙂

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