C’mon in, put yer feet up and set a spell …

My name is Deborah J. Martin but I’m generally known as – and prefer – “DJ.” I’m that grumpy old witch living in the woods of your parents’ scary stories. I have been listening to plants all my life and using herbs in magical workings for as long as I can remember. More than that, for well over thirty years I’ve been studying medical herbalism, earning my Master Herbalist (Honors) diploma from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.

As a semi-retired accountant, I have time in between doing clickety-punch for clients to follow my passions: playing with, researching and writing about herbs; and indulging my imagination by writing urban fantasy books. I’m proud to say one of those fantasy books won an award!

Originally from the frozen tundra of Minnesota, I relocated to a warmer clime many moons ago. I’m fortunate to now live in the forest of the north Georgia mountains with my husband, our crazy cats, and numerous woodland creatures. If I’m not sitting at my desk, you may find me in the garden, visiting my grandchildren, or relaxing in my recliner with my nose stuck in a book. I’m occasionally on social media, too, at Facebook or Twitter.

The links on this website will allow you to buy books (mine and others’) and read my blog. There’s some information for the media, too. Don’t forget the herb freebies! Peruse and enjoy!